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Our Goal:

REIC Group is focused on income producing properties. With the uncertainty of growth in the stock market, real estate is a more stable investment. Over the years, investors have made most of their money in real estate. Today, it is considered a more suitible liquid investment than in the past.

We want to work with individuals investing for their own account, trust funds or institutions. You are kept informed and involved in each project.

Our Experience:

The principals of REIC GROUP have a broad background in real estate, spanning 30 years. Our experience ranges from apartments, retail development, office buildings, leasing and land acquisition for development.

Our Knowledge:

The success we have attained is due to the extensive understanding of the Dallas-Ft. Worth market. We value investors, owners, and lenders which enrich our knowledge basis so that we can provide the best service to our valued. customers.

Services Overview:

REIC GROUP is to find and develop profitable real estate properties with investors that share the values that result in long term relationships.

REIC GROUP will return to a higher yield after taxes than many other standard investments with safety in a growing market.

REIC GROUP is a full service organization that provides in-house expertise in development, marketing, and leasing and property management.

REIC GROUP seeks investments in the Dallas-Ft. Worth and surrounding North Texas counties as our primary area of investment.

We also offer brokerage services.

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